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 Exotics Documentary

Hi All-

I am researching a documentary film about people who own exotic (non domestic) animals. Specifically we are exploring the emotional connection between exotics and their owners. The research has been going well and I’m meeting some amazingly passionate and fascinating people and their exotics. I realize that this is a huge, sometimes controversial topic and can be very emotionally/politically charged. And no, as I am frequently asked, I am not with PETA or some faction of the government. I’m just a guy interested in learning more about these often unique animals and the equally unique people who own them. I’d love to find a great reptile story. Specifically, we are looking for people who own either large, out of the ordinary, i.e. large, venomous snakes or alligators on the bigger side. If this is you and you feel there’s no more rewarding experience in terms of a human/animal relationship or experience, I’d love to talk with you and tell you more. Please contact me via the email address tagged here. Thanks.–

08/14/09  12:26pm

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