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Bruno Bear
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 New guy

Hi All,
I just want to introduce myself, just joined this forum.
Name is Bruno and I live in the UK. I’m now retired so have had to reduce the number of reps I keep.
Been keeping reps for 15 years now and had a lot of breeding sucess with corns and boas.
My present collection is
2 boa constrictors (breeding pair) Female is gravid now so waiting the happy event
1 female boa 2 years old (daughter of the above)
1 Cali-king (albino)
1 Western hognose
1 Blue tongue skink
1 Uromastyx (U.aegypticus)
Will post pics later

I found this site through nwtampaguy34 who posted a comment on Youtube where I have a video of my uro, so decided to join you.
Looking forward to making many friends on here.

09/17/08  10:47am


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 New guy


09/19/08  08:35pm

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