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 BC. symposium highlights from May 29/08

It is vital that PIJAC attend all of these Symposiums and information sessions to further our visibility, make connections and allow those to hear our point of view in a non confrontational situation.
Taking BC as an example of what is to come in all areas of the country, it was very positive to note that in a province most known for very vociferous opposition to the Pet Industry…….the Government acted in a very reasonable and balanced manner. The BCSPCA got their new law…..but lost the power to enforce it…..and we now have the opportunity to work with the government closely to fill in the blanks in the law and formulate the Regulations that will give it “ teeth”
Our involvement will include the species involved, the category which they are placed in and possible advice with regards to risk analysis.
Some contacts were made during the day and these will come to be very useful when the time comes. I spoke with gov’t officials after the meeting and thanked them for the opportunity to work with them…….and they are very aware of the pressure from “animal activists” and very willing to accept our expertise on much of this……with no desires to “ reinvent the wheel” if what we have is suitable.
Everyone that I spoke with received our line on education with the offer to use our CASP program to educate those in enforcement of the new law.
We as an Organization have to remain vigilant and visible across the country. We went into this dossier with little information and by acting professionally and offering science based responses…appear to have convinced those responsible….to see both sides and work with Industry and activists alike to compose fair and enforceable regulations.
It should be noted that the “ talking notes “ that were provided to me for this symposium were invaluable and will be distributed to the Directors for their use in similar situations.

For your consideration
PIJAC canada

06/18/08  10:59pm

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