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 Our new foundation!

Hello!! We’re starting an organization for animals here in Tepic! I’m working with a vet who spays and neuters ALL animals (with homes or off the street) FOR FREE! We’re working on educating people on how to treat animals, how to take care of them, of course on the importance of spaying/neutering, and also to not throw their animals into the street when they no longer want them. Right now in our house, we have 19 animals, 9 of which are cats (or kittens) who have been brought to us that people don’t want and we’re looking for FOREVER homes for them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out our website and add yourself to our mailing list to get our weekly updates. We need all the support we can get so please also tell every animal lover you know to check us out! Thanks so much!!

Guardian Angels

03/26/08  07:23pm

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