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 Does any one know why...

My snake refuses to eat mice, rats, frozen mice, frozen meat in categories, pinkyís, anything. I have tried everything that is meat wise to get him to eat but he refuses. I have caught him eating fruits before,.....can a snake be a veggitarian?


01/19/07  09:23pm


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  Message To: Herpitologist   In reference to Message Id: 1139833

 Does any one know why...

What kind of snake?

Is it possible the food your offering is too large or the wrong foods...

Some wonít take frozen foods.....

Snakes diet varies per species.....


01/26/07  10:09am


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  Message To: Hoppy   In reference to Message Id: 1148382

 Does any one know why...

You have CAUGHT him eating fruit before? Like he smuggled it into his viv without telling you??

Anyway I doubt your snake is a vegetarian, theyíre all meat-eaters. Have you tried using the stuff that makes rodents smell of lizards? You can get it in a spray bottle, itís really cheap. If all else fails you might have to feed live.

You can try:
Braining the mice (stick a knife in its brain, the smell will entice the snake)
Slitting the back of the mouse (same effect as braining, can be more effective)
Waving it around so the snake thinks itís alive

If none of that works, and the lizard scent doesnít work, youíll either have to feed live or force feed. :( Let us know how it goes.

02/27/07  02:07pm

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