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Lizardqueenie   Abreul  

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 Green anole 3 questions


1. Is there some kind of special treat i can give the Anole? maybe once every few months, or on her adoptiversary, something sweet that she will enjoy? i heard waxworms are fattening, but do the Anoles enjoy eating them? if not, what’s their favorite food? i want to show them i appreciate them. if not food, then anything special i can do for them?

2. are Anoles sensitive to flash photography, certain light sources, or certain kinds of materials? such as- is it bad for them to come in contact with or make them uncomfortable?

3. can i feed my Anole garden spiders i find, provided i know what kinds of spiders they can/cant eat?

05/23/18  08:28pm


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  Message To: Lizardqueenie   In reference to Message Id: 2322353

 Green anole 3 questions


1. As long as it isn’t a regular thing, I do believe wax worms can be fed to them. My anoles love gut-loaded crickets the best. Anoles in general love moths as well, although that’ll be a little difficult for you to catch. I also feed mine dubia roaches from my personal colony that I breed for my beardie. They have more protein than crickets, and I guess they’re really tasty. I’ve heard that some anoles eat organic baby foods, but I’ve never had any experience with that. Mine only eat fast-moving, living insects.

2. Just like it is uncomfortable for people, anoles and other animals can hurt their eyes with strong lights, such as some UVB bulbs and flash photography. If you want to take pictures of them, their heat lamp and UVB should provide more than enough light to take great pictures! As for materials, what do you mean by this?

3. If the spiders are small enough and not dangerous, yes they can be fed to anoles. Just be careful with insects from outside. Feed them to your anole only if you are CERTAIN they have not come in contact with pesticides or other chemicals.

Good luck!

05/25/18  01:20pm

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