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 My anole will not eat

We’ve had our anole for about a month now. He ate really well for the first 3 weeks. But he hasn’t eaten much or anything in the last week. He lets the cricket walk all over him while he is basking and he doesn’t even track it anymore.

I took a video ..

04/10/18  06:57am


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 My anole will not eat

I checked out the video, and here’s my observation so far:

1: Green anoles are arboreal-- they like being in tanks oriented vertically, so they can perch on a trunk and survey their territory for prey, mates, and intruders. I know it can be hard to that with a mesh top tank, but I’ve done it by putting the tank on a turntable so I can rotate toward me to take the lid off when it’s not facing the UVB and heating bulbs. I place the bulbs on a multiple light fixture (like a tall floor lamp) and have the tank on a dresser just low enough for the light to shine from the top angle rather than straight into it.

2: He looks healthy. He seems to be relaxing, but still mentally alert and has good color. He also appears well-fed. You could probably cut back feeding to once every two or three days, as to keep him interested.

3: That cricket is a bit too big. Wild anoles will go for them, but that’s because wild anoles can’t always afford to pass up a potential meal. Ideally they should be something about half the width of their head. Also, be sure to add some variety to his diet. Mix things up with mealworms, small crickets, small butterflies, moths, small roaches, and anything else you can find in a pesticide-free yard. If you offer caterpillars and spiders, be sure they’re not venomous/toxic. Also, remove any crickets/grasshoppers/spiders/roaches that he doesn’t eat, as these might attack him in his sleep.

4: Not sure how you’re keeping the tank humidity up, but I use one of those cool mist humidifiers on an outlet timer. It runs several times a day for an hour at a time, and my anoles have learned that they can grab a drink of water from it when it’s running.

Good luck and keep us posted!

04/10/18  06:12pm

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