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 Use Tile as ’Substrate’? Plastic wood?


I recently adopted my first anole. Poor guy is working off the effects of dehydration and getting rid of what looks like 3 sheds, at least on his head. He’s doing really well, but keeping humidity in his tank has been difficult.

I have a reptile carpet, but it’s moist and a risk for mold. Already the half log I got from Petsmart and a log from a reptile shop are both showing signs of mold already....the darn log even seems to be sprouting!

I would prefer to keep things natural, but with humidity being so important right now I’m wondering if I can make some adjustments.

Has anyone tried tile as a ’substrate’? And are there any ill effects to using fake wood?

I want to make him as comfortable as possible and can go back to natural wood later, but he’s still settling in and I don’t know if the switch would be good for him. But it might be better than having to move the wood around for cleaning every few days...but maybe I wouldn’t have to clean as much if I used tile?

I know, it’s a lot, but I brought him in from nature and took this responsibility so I want to do it right.

He does seem content, uses his dewlap every couple of days, but doesn’t have the best appetite yet. Slowly but surely~

04/07/18  08:02am


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  Message To: ScalpelUser   In reference to Message Id: 2322287

 Use Tile as ’Substrate’? Plastic wood?

I know tile can be used for beardies, as it can file down their nails and keep warmth. But I don’t know for anoles. The only concern I would have is the risk for injury when they leap for prey onto the ground. They might get some bruises and maybe even busted limbs since they’re such risky jumpers. I use EcoEarth. It holds a good amount of humidity, but not too much. For me, at least. Ambubadger had some pretty good ideas in my last post about substrate. You can check there.

Also I use driftwood for my guys to lay around on, as well as plastic plants. Live plants will keep the humidity up, and I’ve never had moisture problems or mold with the driftwood. Do you have a hygrometer in your tank? Anoles need quite a bit of humidity, so you should check if you’re in a good range.

04/07/18  07:29pm


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  Message To: Abreul   In reference to Message Id: 2322289

 Use Tile as ’Substrate’? Plastic wood?

I had no idea about the jumping, thanks! That makes the carpet option make much more sense; I was thinking it was kind of ’cheap’ since it just came with the tank. I got to see it today actually, got him some mealworms since he didn’t want the crickets and saw him hop off with a good jump!

I do have a hygrometer. It’s hard to say how accurate it is, it came with the tank (one of those Petsmart brand kits, caring for him on a budget), but so far it seems to work well. I keep the humidity a bit on the high side as he’s still having trouble with some of his shed. Pieces left on his head and one stuck to his foot. He has a shallow basin of water too, caught him soaking in that once.

I mean, I THINK it’s going well. I’m assuming the fact that he’s using his dewlap means he’s fairly content and considering the tank his territory. But while this is my first anole, it isn’t my first reptile and I know how quickly things can go tits up. Makes me paranoid OTL

04/08/18  03:57pm

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