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 Green Anole is Brown

I have a decent sized male green anole in a 10 Gallon tank. He stays brown 99% of the time. He is comfortable to eat/drink and even court the female i have in the tank. Does anyone know why he is staying brown?

04/06/18  12:56pm


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  Message To: Nvie   In reference to Message Id: 2322279

 Green Anole is Brown

Your enclosure may not be warm enough. Or it simply likes to stay brown. I have a perfectly healthy female who stays brown all the time except when she’s sleeping. As far as my google search has turned up-the color changes in the anole is still not 100% understood. I did notice that my female anole would turn green when she has warm humid air blown on her. If he’s eating well, moving around with no issues and even courting then he’s probably healthy.

04/06/18  07:42pm


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  Message To: Freehy   In reference to Message Id: 2322283

 Green Anole is Brown

Have you ever tried removing him from the tank to see how he does? I give my anoles time to roam on my potted plants out of the tank so they can have a change of scenery and get some exercise. They tend to green up when they’re active.

04/10/18  06:57pm

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