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 I think somethings wrong with my green anole.

About a week ago i caught a green anole outside of my home, it trusts me quite a bit, to the point where if i put my hand in its tank, it hops right on. The things that lead me to believe that it may have something wrong with it are that its always brown when its inside its tank, it only turns green when its sleeping on my arm, ive only ever seen it eat and drink once, and most of the mealworms i put in for it are lying dead on the floor of the tank, its extreamly small and fragile looking for a male, which i assume it is because of its dulap and scales near the tale, it feels cool to the touch, and always seems to be sleeping as far away from the heat lamp as possible, and the heat lamp isnt scolding hot either, its as raised as it can be, and when i put my hand in it feels to be around 80 to 90 degrees f on the side with the lamp, and more in the mid 70s on the cool side. some facts about its tank are i use a basking lamp so it can warm up, i got a variety of different sizes of sticks from outside, along with small branches from a plant thats covered in leaves, and one big leaf for it to hide in, which it never uses, and for the sub straight i use a mixture of sand in dirt, covered in dead leaves and twigs, almost identical to the ground where i found it, and i tried to make the tank as vertical as possible. Extra: i forgot to add this but the tank is a 10 gallon with a screen lid.

04/05/18  04:08pm


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  Message To: Hondo32   In reference to Message Id: 2322272

 I think somethings wrong with my green anole.

Try and change the substrate to coconut fiber. I don’t recommend sand for any reptiles--it easily impacts them, even if it’s mixed in with another substrate. Are you giving calcium supplements? Is there a UVB bulb? Because mealworms don’t move very much--and anoles only really eat prey that moves--try feeding crickets. They’re better for them nutritionally.

04/05/18  07:30pm


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  Message To: Abreul   In reference to Message Id: 2322274

 I think somethings wrong with my green anole.

I agree with Abreul, especially regarding the sand. Also, a possible reason for him not eating could be because he’s an adult and already accustomed to being in the wild. Now he’s in a newer, much smaller environment and doesn’t feel comfortable in his new surrounds just yet. A ten gallon tank is actually pretty small, but many pet shops suggest it as a minimum because they don’t want to scare off customers with the prospect of buying a more expensive tank. As for his color, anoles change themselves from green to brown. It’s their natural color, which is why he’s green at rest. If he has dark spots behind the eyes and scattered individual scales of dark brown and light green throughout his lighter brown base color, then it indicates stress or illness.

04/06/18  10:53am

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