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Abreul   AmbuBadger  

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Right now I have coconut fiber substrate in my anole tanks. I went to the pet store--I’m cleaning out my terrariums today--so I needed to get more substrate. But they were completely out of the kind I usually get. They did have a pretty inexpensive alternative. Fir and sphagnum peat moss jungle mix.

Is this okay for them? If not, I can return it since I hesitated using it. There are differing ideas on what to use and what not to use.


04/05/18  09:07am


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I don’t use either of those for my substrate, and if you can return the moss to save some money, then even better! Since my anoles like to hang out off the ground, I only really have a few criteria for what goes on the bottom of the cage: it cannot be potentially toxic, like plastics; it cannot be anything small enough to be swallowed; and I usually don’t use anything that their food can hide in (especially crickets). I usually use planks of untreated wood or large pieces of bark since it’s cheap, available from outside, and easy to clean. I wash it thoroughly in my sink and then let it air dry. Next, I place it in my oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for half an hour to kill any bugs. For the very bottom of the tank, I’ll either leave it bare or use paper towels or unprinted paper because it’s easy to clean and I can see their poop (it’s good to check their poop to gauge their health). My current main terrarium has a bare light-colored floor with a few potted plants around it.

04/06/18  10:30am

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