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Miranda_Sky   Abreul   AmbuBadger  

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 Feeding Anole

So, I got my first anole a few weeks ago, and I have a few different questions, but will ask only one in this message, and ask others when I have more time...

So far I have only fed my anole crickets, and I know i need to start feeding him a more varied diet... Are mealworms a couple times a week a good option, and if so, will he instinctively eat them, if I just lay them on the bottom of the terrarium? I don’t know if they burrow... But he has plantation soil as his substrate. Echo (anole), seems to only notice the crickets if they are running around a lot, so I wasn’t sure if mealworms will squirm around enough to catch his eye? Answers are appreciated. Thanks!

04/03/18  03:03pm


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  Message To: Miranda_Sky   In reference to Message Id: 2322247

 Feeding Anole

I don’t usually recommend feeding mealworms to many lizards, since they are hard to digest. I breed dubia roaches, which have soft exoskeletons are are more nutritious than crickets. My anoles love eating the nymphs.

04/03/18  05:54pm


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  Message To: Abreul   In reference to Message Id: 2322248

 Feeding Anole

Anoles will take mealworms, but there’s two issues: first, they have hard shells as Abreul mentioned. I do feed my anoles mealworms, but only when they’re recently molted and don’t have their usual hard brown shell. Second, it’s important you gut load them and make sure they’ve got a lot of good nutrients on board to pass along to your babies. If you can’t breed your own roaches, try supplementing their diet with soft fruit and pesticide-free insects you’ve caught.

04/03/18  11:59pm

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