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Abreul   AmbuBadger  

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 Mercury Vapor Bulb?

I recently acquired some new anoles, and I don’t have a UVB lamp for them yet. I was going to get the whole hoodlamp and UVB bulb, but what are your thoughts on the mercury vapor bulbs? I know compact UVBs are bad since they can potentially blind the reptiles, but would mercury vapors have the same risk? I only ask since my family has complained a bit about the electricity bulb from what I have--two anole terrariums and a bearded dragon--so a mercury vapor would take the place of a basking bulb and UVB bulb. If you recommend it, what wattage should I use?

02/21/18  03:16pm


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 Mercury Vapor Bulb?

I don’t have experience with mercury vapor bulbs, but you could try using a timer to cycle the lamps off and on through the day to alternate power use. You could also try a linear UVB bulb as it may consume less power than the mercury one, and finally read up on CFL bulbs— they might be safe to use depending on the brand, whether there’s a screen between the bulb and anoles, whether a reflector is used, and how close it is to their basking spot. I’ve scored good deals on amazon. Good luck!

02/21/18  11:57pm

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