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Abreul   AmbuBadger  

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 Adding Anoles

I currently have a male green and a female brown anole. I’m upgrading to a 29 gallon tall for them, and I was thinking about maybe getting another green anole--female. Should I separate the brown female from them and keep her in her own tank? And if so, do you recommend getting her a buddy as well? Thank you!

01/21/18  03:31pm


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 Adding Anoles

I’ve had my Anoles coexist in the same situation you’re considering: a green anole couple and a brown female. It worked out, with the only time I saw the green male dewlapping at the brown female was when his partner was digging to lay eggs and the brown one was watching with curiousity. Other than that, nobody fought so long as everyone got fed and had a basking spot. Your experience may vary, but I’d wager it would work out far better than having a male brown anole in there! I’d say give it a shot, but keep an eye on them and be prepared to separate them just in case.

01/21/18  06:47pm

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