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 Bluish anole?

I have a male green anole currently. The only time I’ve actually seen him full green is when it was freezing out, or when I got him initially--he was outside with a vendor in extremely low temperatures. Any other time, he is brown, a pale yellow, or most recently, a pale bluish green. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t find another picture to compare him to. He’s a sweet guy--hand tamed and relatively calm. He is currently housed with a small brown anole female. They get along very well, occasionally basking on the same leaf. Both get fed enough, their humidity is fine, the temp is fine. Their terrarium is a 10 gallon--temporary since their 20 gallon broke, and neither seem stressed or phased by it--and there are plenty of different plants and vines that they can climb and hide on. I’ve ordered their new tank, but I know it has nothing to do with his coloring because it occurred before the tank broke. He gets his calcium and vitamins. I was wondering if anyone has experience with an anole having strange coloring? Like I said, he’s only ever been green when he was outside while it was freezing, or when my power went out and there was no heat at all--again, super cold. His tank mate is perfectly fine, but his blue coloring is really striking and I’ve never seen anything like it.

01/10/18  06:15pm


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 Bluish anole?

There have been blue anoles sighted in the wild and I have heard of Green Anole morphs that had blue coloring to them. You could try looking that the Anole Annals website where they do research on all anoles for more info. As you might imagine, a blue anole in the wild doesn’t have the best chance of survival since they’re easier to spot by predators. As for the tank, I’m happy to hear you’ve got a larger one coming in, they’ll be happier with it as well!

01/11/18  08:58am

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