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DragonessJewel   AmbuBadger  

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 RIP Jewel

Unfortunately, my green anole Jewel has passed away. She meant a LOT to me. She’d always perch on my arm and fall asleep while I did my homework. She was my support lizard. I know that sounds silly but it’s true. Any suggestions on what I could do to ease the pain? I don’t know if I have the courage to get another one.

01/09/18  10:26am


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  Message To: DragonessJewel   In reference to Message Id: 2321720

 RIP Jewel

Spend time to take it all in and think about the happy times you had. Then, clean her home and maybe store her things out of sight for a little while so you’re not reminded of her too much, and focus on self-improvement: maybe working out, getting projects done, and other little things to keep you preoccupied until you feel ready to revisit the idea of taking in another anole. Good luck and hang in there!

01/09/18  01:17pm

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