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 My green Anole was brown until he saw I was home.

Hello all, I’m new to this site. Anyways, I’ve been into Green Anoles for about 3 months or so and have just grown more fond and fascinated by them as time has passed. I’ve always been partial to lizards growing up, but never owned one myself. After I eventually got my first one and several more to follow(took me a little bit to learn the do’s and dont’s). I have a 33 Gallon terrarium with 4 Greens.

1 male(Jax) and the rest female. Jax my alpha has really started to show his personality. I will mimic his head bobbing and he’ll do it back to me. Or when he sees me he will unprompted. He’s def not scared of me and comes to me when I put my hand close enough. Anyways, I came home from work today and saw him dark brown... darker then I’ve seen him in a while. Well when he sees me, as I walk up to the tank talking to him, just being a goofball.. I notice his color stars to change to green without touching him or even getting too close to the rank.. is this normal?

Or is it a sign that he’s comfortable with me. And yes I understand the color changing is typically due to mood(stress hormones or lack there of, temperature or even blending in). Sorry for the novel of a first post!

01/02/18  03:20pm


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  Message To: TheLightingGuy85   In reference to Message Id: 2321698

 My green Anole was brown until he saw I was home.

It could very well be the case that he’s comfy with you! I’ve noticed that they green up when they’re active or interested in something, like when they’re hunting for food in their enclosure. I’ve also have them turn to green from brown when I take them out, which was a sign to me that they enjoyed being able to chill on a plant outside of their enclosure versus being couped up in the tank all day. I’m happy to hear you’ve got a decently-sized tank for them!

01/02/18  05:58pm

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