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 Brown and Green Anole Hybrid?

I’ve seen this question a lot, but I always find varied answers. Currently, I have a female brown anole and a male green anole in the same vivarium. Back when I, MUCH less experienced about anoles, I bought the brown anole to keep my male company. There had not been any green anoles at the store, so I took what I was given. They’ve never fought or paid much attention to one another. Occasionally they’ll chill on the same leaf and bask. Neither have ever been visibly ill, and they don’t fight over food. I make sure they both eat plenty.
But I was wondering if a green and brown anole can produce viable offspring? I ask this because I have reptile carpet in the bottom of their tank, and know that gravid females need a much better substrate or they can die from being egg bound. Honestly, though, this is pretty much a hypothetical question because I’m curious. I doubt that my anoles would breed--they are quite lazy--and I’m likely going to change to substrate soon anyway.

11/02/17  06:57pm


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 Brown and Green Anole Hybrid?

My understanding is they’re genetically different enough to where even if they mated, a live egg wouldn’t be produced. As much overlap as we see with the two populations, I’m certain it would’ve been well-established that hybrids exist had that been a possibility. Anoles can store sperm for months after mating, which I believe accounts for reports of “live” eggs being produced after owners believed inter-species mating to have occurred. Your female will still produce eggs in many cases, so you should provide a substrate for her to deposit them whether they’re live or not. The duds will be small, deflated looking, and yellowish in color.

11/02/17  09:23pm


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  Message To: AmbuBadger   In reference to Message Id: 2321456

 Brown and Green Anole Hybrid?

I had a green and brown and brown anole male and female, in the same cage. It was ten gallons, that was my mistake. I did the same thing, I didn’t want mine to be lonely either, if you have both in a ten gallon tank, you should get a bigger tank, other than that they should be fine


12/02/17  03:42am

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