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 Courtship Behavior/Aggression?

I recently bought an injured green anole. I pointed it out to the sales associates at a pet store and consequently took him off their hands for a discount. The problem is, it’s a juvenile and I can’t really see if he/she has the post-anal scales or not. I have two other anoles that share an enclosure--a female brown anole and a large male green anole that get along extremely well. I had the new kid near the other anoles while trying to see if they would go well together so that in the future, I could have them all in the same enclosure. However, the male anole started bobbing his head and showing his dewlap. From what I’ve read, the courtship behavior and territorial aggression of green anoles are fairly similar, so I couldn’t quite tell which one it was. The new anole bobbed its head a few times and then fell asleep in my hand while the male kept going. I was wondering if anyone could help me understand if this was aggression or not? I will probably post a picture of the new anole later on so that I can get input on the gender. Thank you!

10/25/17  02:11pm


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 Courtship Behavior/Aggression?

It can be hard to tell gender in a young anole, but the males tend to have a larger, half-heart shaped dewlap while the females have a smaller, more elliptical one. The males also have a longer snout. As for the behavior, watch the little one to see if he/she reacts by flattening the body to look bigger and shows black spots behind the eyes. If your male puffs up and flattens his body as well as turns a very dark brown and presents with the black spots behind his eyes, this is a sure sign there’ll be fighting!

10/25/17  10:14pm

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