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Bill McNuggets   AmbuBadger  

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Bill McNuggets
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 Brown anole didnt burry her egg

So a few weeks ago I noticed my brown anole laying an egg, so far I just discovered the second egg but it was in her mouth as if she was carrying it around to find someplace to burry it but I can back a few minutes later and noticed she just left the egg on the ground under a branch. I don’t mind this but I’m mostly concerned if the crickets or springtails will eat it?
Thanks in advance.

09/11/17  04:03pm


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 Brown anole didnt burry her egg

If the egg is yellowish, it may be a dud. The anoles will sometimes eat those to regain lost calcium or leave it out. If you think it’s viable (live), you can remove it and place it in a small container with moist soil to observe until it hatches or turns yellow and shrivels up. The crickets may eat it if left in her cage, but crickets shouldn’t be freely roaming anyways as they will bite and even kill anoles in their sleep.

09/11/17  05:42pm

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