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 Is my anole just getting really old?

I have a green anole that i bought off my friend when he was three back in 12 (he was hatched in 09). For the past five years he’s been nothing but a blessing, he brought my parents and me closer together and he’s been a good friend. Sadly i think his time is coming, he’s been felling very lethargic not moving around alot, being very mild, smaller appetite (still eating not as much) and closing his eyes alot/very sleepy. Am i doing something wrong or is it just old age and should i let nature take its course? In March 2018 he’ll be 9 which is pretty good.


10 gal tank.
Bounty paper towel as substrate
Wider leaves for easy climbing cause he’s old
Small fake bridge
Wide log set flat so he dosent fall
Water dish
Heating mat
Loves listening to arcadia fire

I take him outside since its summer to bask and he loves it.

I feed him crickets dusted with a calcium supplement, wax worms, baby food and banana (mushed)

08/21/17  04:30pm


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  Message To: JohnWalshX   In reference to Message Id: 2321101

 Is my anole just getting really old?

Nine years is an amazing life span for an anole, and undoubtedly it’s because he’s living a stress-free and happy life. Sadly, he’s also very old now, and he is well past the four or five year life span of the typical anole. Continue to take care of him, and be sure his tank is clean as older anoles are more susceptible to illness. The tank size seems a bit small, but shouldn’t be an issue since he’s accustomed to it and also not nearly as active. Heating mats are usually frowned upon because they can malfunction and cause burns, but if you live in a cold climate and it’s not in direct contact with him, it should be fine by now. To make digestion easier, offer only freshly-molted wax worms. The softer shells will be much less taxing for him to both chew and pass.

08/22/17  09:10am


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  Message To: AmbuBadger   In reference to Message Id: 2321105

 Is my anole just getting really old?

Thanks for the tips, he usually spends his time on the log and the heating mat under his tank. The wax worm tip sounds great ill do that. I’ve also been feeding him baby food for the nutrients.

08/22/17  02:57pm

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