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 Sick Female Anole?

For the past week my female anole has been very sick. Me and my boyfriend got her and 2 male anoles about 2 months ago. They have a large 20 gallon tank with plants and soil substrate. We have a temperature and humidity thermometer in the tank and keep it at around 80-90 degrees with 60% humidity. We feed them a mix of crickets, wax worms, and meal worms with occasional calcium supplement. The light we have been using blew out yesterday and I won’t be able to get another one until tomorrow, but I have relocated the tank close to a flourecent bulb until further notice. My female anole hasn’t been eating or drinking water. She just lays around and sleeps and can barely keep her eyes open. She’s been brown and green spotted and looks very weak. I bought some repta boost and have been giving it to her since yesterday. When I have her out of her habitat and feed her the repta boost she becomes very green, still doesn’t move much but looks much happier but when I put her back in her habitat she goes back to being mostly brown and sick looking. What other steps should I take to help her get better? Please help!

07/26/17  09:34pm


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 Sick Female Anole?

Okay, one possibility is that she is being intimidated by the two males. Usually males don’t get along in the same enclosure, so it would be good to keep an eye on them as well. Do you have another tank for the girl? If so, line the bottom with paper towel and put a few items in there for her to perch and sleep in. Keep feeding her and housing her separately, and see how she does. Watch the paper towel for her poop, checking the color and consistency to make sure it’s normal. Also monitor how much she’s eating, and make sure she’s drinking enough water as well. Look for signs of dehydration, like sunken eyes, tenting around the spine, and visible pelvic bones. Keep us posted!

07/27/17  01:41am

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