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 Increasing Humidity?

When I mist, the humidity in our anole’s ten gallon tank goes to 50% or above, but even with a few mistings a day, it quickly goes down below 40.....any ideas for keeping the humidity up? He is brown and looks very unhappy, so I am wondering if this is why. Thanks!

07/24/17  12:43pm


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  Message To: WillViolet8071   In reference to Message Id: 2320899

 Increasing Humidity?

Make sure the tank doesn’t get to too wet-- humidity alone may not be the reason for him being unhappy. Tanks with too much water can cause respiratory infections since it allows bacteria to breed. Assuming that isn’t an issue, you have a few options. First, you could buy a cool mist humidifier and plug it into a timer. I do this since I work 24 hr shifts and can’t mist them myself all the time. The vent is by some plants, so they can lick the water off the leaves and any excess moisture waters the plants. The timer is set to turn on the humidifier every other hour from 0600-1700. If you can’t go this route, you could try having live plants (pothos vines and ivy are great) with a dripper system set up. This can be as some as a bottle of water with a piece of yarn in it, set above the tank, with the other end of the yarn on a leaf. The yarn soaks up water, which is then carried down to the plant. The anole will learn to drink from there as needed. One more option involves the tank itself-- sealing to top or sides to trap the mositure, specifically. Screen mesh housings are notorious for letting moisture out, so you could block off a few sides of the screen with card stock paper and use a decorative background (pet shops have these backgrounds with desert or jungle scenes for terrariums and underwater ones for fish tanks) between the barrier and the screen so it doesn’t look too bad. What’s kind of setup do you have currently? Perhaps your heating lamps are drying the tank out too soon?

07/26/17  01:42am


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  Message To: AmbuBadger   In reference to Message Id: 2320908

 Increasing Humidity?

I had the same issue. I use coconut husk soak it overnight with moss and I squeeze it and put it in the tank, I spray as much as I can twice a day since I work and I also put a warm wet rag on the top of the tank. I also have the night lamp on kind of away from the tank just so I can keep the temp at 80 during the day 75 at night. Make sure your hydrometer is not broken. They seem to go bad fast.

01/11/18  06:22am

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