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Aaron08   AmbuBadger  

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 Help with finding sex and species

I am new to the world of reptiles and I’m having a hard time identifying both sex and species. I want to make sure I’m not taking home two males or two different species that don’t live together that well.

First one I think is a Green Anole since when it was first caught it was green and I know they can change colors.

Second one.

Third one also seems to change colors a bit.

05/10/17  01:53pm


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  Message To: Aaron08   In reference to Message Id: 2320664

 Help with finding sex and species

It’s hard to tell from the vent pics since the scales aren’t super clear, but the first is a green anole and the other two are brown. Green anoles have larger toe pads that allow them to climb more surfaces like a gecko as opposed to the slim digits of the brown anole. Also, the pattern on the back and the flattened tail of the brown anole are features that the greens don’t have. The two other anoles look like brown anoles and they might be male-- females have a triangular or diamond-shaped pattern on their backs whereas males have a more splotchy, camouflage-like pattern one. You can always observe them to see if they get along-- I have a brown anole living without trouble in my green house along with a male and three female green anoles.

05/10/17  06:06pm

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