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 New Anole

We just recently got a green anole from my daughters school. We have had him for a week and has been brown 5 of the 7 days we’ve had him. At first I had him in a plastic 3 gallon cage that came with a 5 watt light in the hood. Everyday he was looking worse and getting darker. So I went to the store today and bought a 10 gallon glass tank with a screen cover. I got a dome for a light and the representative at the store said that just buying a red 60 watt bulb and leaving it on all the time should work as long as I put the cage in a well lit room. I want to make sure that I have the proper set up for this little guy. He eats 3 crickets a day, has artifical vines to climb on, spraying the tank 3 times a day.I want to make sure the lighting that I have set up will be sufficient. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

05/10/17  01:05pm


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 New Anole

The spraying and feeding sounds adequate for now, but you may need to supplement his diet with vitamins and calcium, especially if he doesn’t have a UVB bulb to give him the vitamin D he would otherwise receive from basking in the sun. These vitamins are available at most pet stores and come in a powered form-- you simply put your crickets in a Ziplock bag or glass/ceramic cup and sprinkle the powder on top and swish them around to dust them with it prior to feeding. As for his color, is he just brown, or does he have dark spots behind his eyes as well as light green and black spots over his body? The latter is a sign of stress, which could be due to being in the new environment, illness, or anxiety from any household pets. Also, you don’t need a special bulb from the pet shop-- I know those can get expensive! Regular old incandescent bulbs will do, so long as there’s enough heat being put out to keep him warm in his basking spot. Reptiles rely on warmth to help them digest food, so this is critical. The basking spot should be in the high 80’s.

05/10/17  05:57pm

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