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Kay&Chris   AmbuBadger  

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 Weird color changing??

Hi, so our female green anole that we just got yesterday is acting really strange. Whenever we put her in her habitat, she almost immediately turns like DARK brown. And that means she’s stressed, right? But then when we take her out, she turns green again and seems all happy! This is weird because, I thought anoles didn’t really like being held very much. And we just don’t really know what to do and why she doesn’t like being in her habitat. It has all the stuff she needs, moss, leaves, and we spray it often. So, what do we do?

05/06/17  10:54am


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 Weird color changing??

I’ve noticed the same with a few of mine, and the common denominator seems to be the mesh enclosure. We’re not sure if they view it as being darker inside than out and are changing to blend in, but as long as they’re eating and healthy, you should be okay. It’s good to give them time out of the cage, maybe have a fake plant for them to rest on under observation? Ours will chill on a plant so long as they can’t see the UV light, the light seems to attract them otherwise.

05/06/17  12:19pm

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