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 Anole Compatibility

I am rather new with anoles, only owning mine for around 5 months. He has been doing fine so far and I haven’t had any issues with him, but recently he has been acting aggressive to an eastern grey treefrog I have had in the enclosure with him. I have had the frog for 2 years and I am worried the anole will kill him. Should I separate them for a bit? The anole is male so should I get some females to calm him down a bit? I really don’t want to get rid of either of them as I have grown fond of both of them. They are in a 25 gallon vivarium and I feed them daily (about 2 medium sized crickets each and I make sure they both get at least one). I also dust the crickets every other feeding. I mist them every morning when I wake up. If anything I am doing is wrong and causing my anole to be a lil prick, please tell me.

04/27/17  07:13am


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  Message To: XenomorphKing000   In reference to Message Id: 2320612

 Anole Compatibility

What sort of behavior is the anole exhibiting? Just head bobbing and dew lapping, or is he chasing the frog and nipping at him? I doubt a female will help the situation-- he may become more territorial and protective of her. Try to see where each animal prefers to bask and hang out-- the anole may be competing for the ideal basking area, as they like high places and being close to the heat lamps.

04/27/17  02:09pm

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