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 Female Brown Anole HELPPPPP!!!

Hi, I do not own and anoles as pets. However, yesterday(4/16) around 2:30 in the afternoon I rescued a female brown anole from my pool (salt water pool). She seemed very lethargic but moved when I handled her. I rinsed her off a few times with warmish water so as to remove the salt. I did this a few times throughout the evening. I woke up this morning around 6 am and she was still hanging out in the exact same spot I left her the night prior. I rinsed her off again and provided a shallow dish of water for her and even offered her some ants to which she wanted no part of. The area between her rib cage and the base of her tail is abnormally skinny for a lack of better words. She always has her eyes closed... very rarely she might open one. Her eyes seem sunken in. She also barely breathes. You could watch her for a minute and you won’t see her rib cage expand. I have a feeling she is suffering from severe dehydration. I put her own a little paper towel and set that in the kitchen counter while I held a large ziploc bag over a pot of steaming water and managed to catch steam inside the bag. I made sure it wasn’t hot enough to burn her or damage her further. I read online that a "sauna" can be good for lizard dehydration. I placed the bag with steam over her for a few minutes and repeated that maybe 7-10 times. Is there anything else I can do for this lizard? She really needs to eat and drink and I think she’d feel better but I don’t know how to get her to do any of that? Any and all ideas are welcomed! Thanks guys!

04/17/17  10:19am


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 Female Brown Anole HELPPPPP!!!

For starters, how is she being housed? A tank or box is fine, provided that you’re giving her a hiding spot, a basking area, and some means of warming the basking spot. An incandescent bulb is perfect-- CFL and LED bulbs don’t provide enough eat. A table lamp within ten inches of her rock or stick perch should be fine. Anoles rely on heat to help them digest and metabolize food. Also, she needs water more than anything, and probably won’t drink from a bowl. Instead, flick water/spray her tank several times a day with clean water, shell lick up the droplets. If she’s too weak to lap it up, drops on her nose should do the trick as she’ll lick to clean them off.

When she’s strong enough for food, try soft items-- freshly-molted crickets/mealworms (they’ll have clear skin, darker = harder shell), non-spiny caterpillars, daddy long legs, and maggots will all do fine. Please get back to us, I’ll keep an eye out for your updates. Sorry for not seeing your message sooner.

04/18/17  10:00pm

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