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Am_I_anoling_you?   AmbuBadger  

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 Green anole has slime like substance in his mouth

Hi I have 2 green anoles and 1 of them I saw today was keeping his mouth open and it seems like there is a slime like substance in his mouth. He has a black spot behind his eye too. The black spot I’ve read either means he’s sick/ dying or that he is stressed. If someone can help me with knowing what that black spot really means that would be great too. I would really like to know why he has slime in his mouth.

01/02/17  03:12pm


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 Green anole has slime like substance in his mouth

Can you snag a pic? It does sound like he has an infection of sorts, possibly something that can spread to his lungs. First, I would separate him so he doesn’t get his room mate sick. Second, make sure he has access to lots of UVB or sunlight and a warm tank. Mist him twice a day, but don’t let the tank become saturated or collect pools of water. Also, cut back his feeding to once every other or every two days for now. Do you see any swelling or injury to the mouth? What are you feeding them now, and do you provide powdered vitamins and calcium? You may want to Google "anole vitamin A deficiency" to see if his symptoms match.

01/03/17  08:06pm

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