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Hey there! So recently (excuse my grammar) I was I guess "lizard sitting" my brothers 3 Anoles and frog. They were doing fine! Here’s some info. There was a brown one that looked like tree bark it is a male named black jack. There was another male named Clint and he was I guess tan ish. Then there was one female she was also tan BUT here is my problem. My brother left me with live crickets right? There were a good about 10 or closer. But there were quite a few the thing is he put all the crickets in and said. "Put a light by it and make sure you mist them and the frog has water" so I put a little light next to they’re cage / tank. (Also the frog is bubbles and he’s just a little brown frog.) But anyways. It’s the perfect little place. 2 twigs put side ways so they can climb. Dirt ground. And a larger twig in the middle anyway my problem is the female always went under the larger log. It was probably stress or something but after a few days she came out. Then I never saw her go off the twig. She started turning a light blue. And remember she was originally tan. But then yesterday she was blue with bark brown spots all over her. I stood there and stared for a few minutes. Thinking is it a sickness? Is she ok? It’s kinda cool! But then... the next day she was still like that but then again I only checked on them once but I did mist them still but didn’t stop to look in. Anyway. Me and my sister were getting ready for bed. While she was in the bathroom I was looking at them. Then a see the female. She is a light blue with a blue ish green ish color on the bottom. She was on her back and her feet were all clenched together. They almost looked like talons! Her eyes almost looked like she didn’t have any I have no clue what happened. I think they might have ran out of crickets my sister put tomatoes in the cage for the others. Are tomatoes ok?!? I’m going to try and get more crickets asap but anyway. The others look fine. I messaged my brother and he said it’s ok. But I have no clue what it’s from! I feel SO bad for killing my brothers lizard right before Christmas please help! I have been trying and trying to figure out what happened but all I find is green anoles not tan. Could she be a green that turned brown? Is that possible? Idk but if you need anymore information don’t be afraid to ask! I hope you can figure this out >< these lizards (and frog) are his life! Thanks!

12/23/16  10:59pm


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Can you upload a picture? Also, crickets left in the cage will attack anoles in their sleep. Another possibility is that she has died and the crickets have been eating her, the decomposition of the body would make it change colors and the eyes would probably be the easiest thing for them to eat. Is she actually alive?

12/24/16  09:15am

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