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 Anoles staying hydrated

I am worried that my anoles are not getting enough water, during the day while I am at work. I mist their tank before I leave for work 8 am ish and re-mist it when I return 6pm. I tried making a dripper but due to fluctuating water pressure, the dripper either dripped nicely, flooded my tank or didn’t drip at all. I make sure their are lots of drops on the leaves of my plants when I leave for work. I leave a water dish but I have not seen them drink from it either.

details: 3 anoles + 2 green tree frogs

24 gallon tank

temp of tank is usually 80 throughout day

75%-50% humidity.

Therefore, is their a product out there, like a waterfall, that would dispense a reasonable amount of water throughout the day, that anoles will drink from? Or is there a trick to maintain water pressure to create a functioning dripper?

11/25/16  02:32pm


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  Message To: Green_Anole_guy   In reference to Message Id: 2319810

 Anoles staying hydrated

There are mister products that can be set on timers and I’ve also seen drippers that utilize the same rollers our IV tubing uses to control drip rates when giving fluids to patients. I’ve used old IV tubing and bags to make my own drippers and one time even had one of those desktop "zen" water fountains in the terrarium to give some running water to my anoles, but in the end I just do what you’re doing now. Unless your anoles show signs of dehydration, you should be fine with your current regimen. Reptiles are very efficiently at retaining moisture, and their skin traps it in very well versus us humans. As long as they’re not shriveled up and you’re still seeing healthy poop with that white nub on it (that’s the urea, a solid form of their urine), your guys are doing fine.

11/25/16  04:52pm


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  Message To: AmbuBadger   In reference to Message Id: 2319811

 Anoles staying hydrated


Thank you very helpful advice. I ended up buying a regulator valve for my dripper and it totally solved the problem. It drips very consistently now. I also added some liquid calcium into the the reservoir of my dripper. I have already seen two out of the three anoles drinking from the leaf it falls on.

The key to the dripper is the regulator valve, cost me .89 cents at a hydroponics store.

Thanks for the info on the "white nub" was always curious what that was.

11/27/16  09:13am

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