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 Green Anole Issue! PLEASE HELP!

I own 3 Green Anoles. All with same care. Green, no issues.
! has developed a bump on the beginning of its jaw. I handle my anoles a lot, with no issues, and often let them rest on my hand as i am doing stuff as they will sit there calm and not move. I took him from the habitat and tried to see what it was, worried of mouth rot. I was unable to see anything about this, how ever i did realize if any pressure given, even just grabbing by it, a came out of a hole, just at the bottom of the bump.

11/07/16  10:04pm


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 Green Anole Issue! PLEASE HELP!

It sounds like an infection. Try sterilizing it with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide (absolutely do not get this into the eyes; it can cause blindness), toothpaste, or rubbing alcohol (this is probably the best for wound cleansing, but be careful, as vapors could get into the anole’s eyes or be breathed in if too much is applied) and then put some Neosporin or similar product on the spot if the anole wouldn’t be able to lick it off.

11/08/16  03:46am

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