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Angel9_999   AmbuBadger  

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 Please help

My male anole is acting different. He’s acting possibly lethargic. All he wants to do is sleep. Last week his eyes were crusty after molting so I bought some spray to help moisturize. He can open his eyes he just wants to sleep practically 24/7. When he goes to climb he struggles on the glass tank but can climb his branches. I’m not sure if he’s even eating. Him and my female are very shy when it comes to eating. I find their crickets gone and dishes empty but could be her eating everything. Any suggestions??
Thank You

10/13/16  02:56am


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 Please help

Sounds like it could be Vitamin A deficiency-- look it up in Google (sorry, hard to type in my phone at one AM), but basically it’s due to a poor diet and he needs vitamins. Some people say it’s too late once the eye issues show up, but I think it’s worth a shot to try saving him and his partner. Are you gut loading the crickets and dusting them with vitamin powder? Do the crickets eat stuff like Flukers gel blocks or various veggies, or are they just being fed dry cereal and corn meal type stuff? What goes into your anole food is very important! Finally, it could also be something like a bad UV bulb (the old ones from Zilla were damaging reptile eyes), but this isn’t too likely as that issue was years ago and both animals would be affected. To determine who is eating, you could separate them during feeding time or check who is getting fat after meals. Check their poop too, and make absolutely sure the crickets aren’t escaping somewhere instead of actually being eaten.

10/13/16  04:07am

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