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 Brown Anole Help!!

I have a brown anole. Was given him from a friend who no longer wanted him. I am new to lizards, but love animals and want everything to keep him alive.

Right now, he is in a shedding period (or just coming out of one). He has not been eating for a week and finally two days ago his skin started to peel away. I have been regularly misting, attempting to feed, and checking on him. I woke up this morning and he is laying on his back. He moves when misted, but otherwise will not move. He looks white along his body, even though I saw him shed his skin two days ago. Did not see him shed entirely, or eat the skin, but it was peeling away from his head and he looked brown underneath. He is breathing, but it looks shallow.

Picture attached.

Lives in a ten gallon tank, heat lamp, regularly misted, fed live mealworms.

I need to know if there is something wrong with him, if I’m doing something incorrect, or if he is still shedding and that this behavior is normal. Only had him for about a month.

Previous to this he was very active, loved his lamp, and loved climbing through his many plants. Often watched him eat his worms. His tail may or may not have been lost w/ previous owner so I am unsure of what age he is.

I am very worried about him. He doesn’t look good.

Please, help, I really love him.

07/27/16  03:35pm


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  Message To: Auparc   In reference to Message Id: 2319176

 Brown Anole Help!!

For most health problems, start by moving him to a small, dark cage with warmer temperatures of around 90 degrees Fahrenheit and paper towels for substrate. If brain trama is suspected, lower the temperature.
Have you been dusting his food in multivitamins? This lack of movement may be due to an electrolyte imbalance. Feed him Lactated Ringer’s Solution or Pedialyte through an eyedropper to keep him hydrated; you can make your own by mixing 370 parts water, 11 parts sugar, 1 part salt, and 1 part baking soda; the amounts don’t have to be exact. This solution has the advantage of providing easy-to-digest sugar and some electrolytes as well as water. Just get a drop in an eyedropper and hold it against his mouth and he should drink it.
Your lizard may have impaction from eating mealworms with hard shells. If you continue to feed mealworms, only give him the white ones that have just shed and make sure he eats them before their skin hardens. Crickets are a great alternative to mealworms, but he probably will not like them as much as mealworms as they are less fatty. For impaction, feed him a drop of olive oil along with the electrolyte solution described above. If he poops on a normal basis, he doesn’t have impaction.
Once he starts moving around a bit, you can feed ground-up meat or meat baby food by lightly pinching his mouth until he opens it and placing a smal bit of the food in. Once he has been pooping consistently for a few days, you can begin to feed solid food.

08/01/16  05:55am

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