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 Why do my Green Anoles keep dying?

So I started off with two frogs and a lizard and then I got two more frogs and another anole lizard, a long tailed lizard, and a bahama lizard... They all keep dying!! So first one frog died, didn’t know why just thought it was nature taking it’s course. Few weeks later, my other frog dies! What the heck? And then a few days later my anole lizard dies! And now a few weeks later my first anole lizard dies! Now I’m really worried for my two remaining frogs and lizards... The first two frogs have been doing good for almost two years now, I don’t know why all my new pets are dying? I feed them very well and make sure that I change the water at the longest every two days, I clean their cage weekly and deep clean it monthly. Any ideAs as to what is happening?

06/07/16  10:49pm


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  Message To: Consuelo   In reference to Message Id: 2318638

 Why do my Green Anoles keep dying?

First thing first: don’t buy any more anoles/frogs! There may be something about the setup of the tank that is killing them. The tank should be clean of all chemicals. Also, you need to tell us about the tank setup-- what kind of lighting, plants, is it partially filled with water, what the temps are like, where the tank is situated in your room, exactly what the animals are eating and if they’re getting vitamins/calcium, etc. Anoles are mistakenly thought of as "cheap" pets, and well-meaning parents don’t realize that these guys need all the same care (UV lights, vitamins, large habitat, etc) that a more expensive reptile would require.

06/08/16  01:01am


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  Message To: AmbuBadger   In reference to Message Id: 2318640

 Why do my Green Anoles keep dying?

wow lots of lizards and frogs, tell us about the set up of these tank(s) are they all in the same or different tanks are they all males? And were they all from the same store?

06/09/16  12:47am

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