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Accidental Collector
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 Injured Wild Anole

We have a few little green anoles that live around our house. Every now and then we see one sunbathing or hanging out on the porch and I just love them. Two days ago our cat had something in her mouth and it was one of the little guys. He (or as I’ve been reading, more likely a she) was pretty messed up. I was afraid to try and handle her be use I didn’t want to stress her further. I ripped out a little door out of a shoebox and put that over her with some leaves in its to give her a place to hide since she wasn’t moving well. The next afternoon my husband spotted her hanging out a few feet away from her makeshift home. She was looking rough, but seemed alert. Today, she was hanging out a few feet from the shoebox again but looks a lot worse. Peeling (molting?) lethargic and looks super skinny. She’s breathing but not moving around much. The ants were biting at her so I’ve spent the past hour sitting next to her keeping the ants off her. Is there anything I can to to help her? I feel so bad but am not sure what to do. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

05/25/16  02:51pm


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 Injured Wild Anole

Just keep her warm and hydrated. If it’s above 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside, it should be fine to leave her outside. If not, a heating pad can be put over half of the container. Try mixing up some water with a tiny bit of sugar and feeding it to her with an eye dropper; this should help provide some calories. If she is already dehydrated (sunken in eyes, thick saliva), the sugar should be skipped until the saliva regains normal consistency (otherwise the sugar could choke her by mixing with her saliva and blocking the airway). To deal with the ants you can either use a slick plastic or glass container, seal any ant-sized holes (i.e. putting a thin screen top over an open side or gluing the smaller holes shut), or putting the container up on legs and submerging the legs in water (though they must not be touching the sides of the water-holding container). Soup cans can work well for holding the water in this final method.
Hope this helps.

05/28/16  07:46am

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