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 Stressed Green anole?

Hey everybody, I’m a new anole owner and I have two brown anoles one male (not quite an adult yet) and one female (juvenile) and one green anole that I believe is female. The green anole is almost always brown but seems too be healthy, I have never seen any of the lizards fight with one another but the green and brown anole are almost always next too each other basking while the female anole roams around the cage but seems to avoid the other two? Any thoughts would be appreciated on why the green one is usually brown and why the female brown anole seems to avoid the others. They are in about a 40 gallon tank with drift wood and a bonsai tree.

04/08/16  03:21pm


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  Message To: Tanole44   In reference to Message Id: 2317754

 Stressed Green anole?

Green anoles are generally shyer and less aggressive, so it seems likely that it is scared of the brown anoles. In nature, the browns often displace the greens up to the trees, so if there isn’t much vertical space for the green anole to climb up and get away, it may be better to separate the two species.

04/09/16  06:12am


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  Message To: Icearstorm   In reference to Message Id: 2317759

 Stressed Green anole?

I sucsessfully kept a brown anole with a green in a ten gallon just make sure u have plenty of plants and two or more basking spots check out my youtube just search (big anole enclosure) the name is chase pfeiff good luck and i hope they well do better

09/19/16  10:02pm

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