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 Adding another anole?

I’ve had my male green anole since October 2015, he’s been happy & healthy by himself - but i’m looking to possibly add a female "companion". I’ve read multiple articles stating that it’s ok, but the woman at petsmart stated that I would have to redo his entire tank before adding another anole so he won’t get territorial. Is that true? and is one female ok with another male? or should I have two females? He’s currently in an 18 x 18 x 24 tank alone. Thanks!

03/21/16  08:51pm


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 Adding another anole?

It should be fine to add in a new friend. Make sure that it is indeed a female, as males can be aggressive towards each other.

I believe what the employee was trying to suggest was to re-arrange the decor in the cage. That is a good trick for introducing pets. The idea of re arranging the "territory" of the branches and such, is that the original pet will be so busy exploring his new layout that he wont notice or care as much that there is a new friend. I would not think you have to go super crazy with re-arranging...simply change it up a bit. If you really like the way the tank is now, you could re-arrange for a while, then go back to how it was once they are used to each other.

Good luck!

03/26/16  08:21am


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  Message To: Xosabrinna   In reference to Message Id: 2317525

 Adding another anole?

You shouldn’t need to redo the tank; male anoles are not known to be aggressive toward females. That being said, there should be some sort of visual barrier so the male and female aren’t always in each other’s line of site (anything from a small pile of dirt to a plant to hide in will do the job). From my experience, one male and one female works just fine. It mostly depends on the individual lizards you are keeping together; some males are laid back and don’t bother the females at all, while others will chase every lizard around and drive them crazy. In general, two or more females are preferred, as males tend to display and chase the females during the breeding season, which may wear just one of them out. Female anoles also seem to like being around one another more, and tend to stay closer to each other than to the male. Even though it is usually the male lizards that present the problem, in some cases a female anole will annoy the male and need to be separated.

Here are a few groupings I tried:
A bunch of males, zero females, winter: worked fine, only kept together for a few days
One male (#1), three females (a,b, and c), 30-gallon enclosure: didn’t work so well (several brown and stressed), got rid of one female --> worked great
One male (#1), whole room: worked well
Two males (#1 and #2), whole room: worked well for original male, new one (#2) was stressed out and dark brown
One male (#1), two females (a and b), whole room: worked well (male ignored females, females ignored male)
Several females, 30-gallon enclosure: worked well, everyone was usually green
One male (#2), three females (a,d, and e): worked well in 5-gallon screen terrarium, did not work well in whole screen room
One male (#2), four females (a, d, e, and f), 5-gallon screen enclosure, winter and spring: works great, everyone’s green

In this case, several groupings that should have worked well (1 male, several females, large enclosure) did not work well, while others that should not have worked (a lot of males together and a lot of lizards in a small enclosure) worked just fine. As long as there is a stable group, the general guidelines are only a suggestion, not a rule.

03/27/16  11:07am

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