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 New reptile owner - lighting help.

So my boyfriend found an anole on a work truck yesterday and decided to keep it. I’m having a hard time finding easy to understand information about lights though. What I gather is s/he needs a basking/white light and a UVB light during the day, and since basking lights are bright white, that’s good for those two parts, right? A 2-in-1?

What is best for it at night? I have an infared light but I’m also reading that special black lights are better?

I got some spare lights from my sister who has beardies, the basking bulb and infared are 100W and the tank was over 90* with the basking bulb and it looked like the poor thing was trying to hide from it. So if that’s too hot, I’m assuming I just need a lower wattage? What’s a good watt to get?

I’m going to buy another lamp and UVB bulb today, do UVB’s come in different wattage? If that’s the case, what would be the best one to get?

The substrate/leaves/branches and feeding aspect I’ve been able to research and I think I have a pretty good understanding on. It’s just the light business that I’m having a hard time figuring out. Any help would be incredibly appreciated. I wasn’t really looking to add an anole to the house but darn if I’m not gonna make sure it’s getting the best care!

Oh! One more thing. It’s smaller than my pointer finger, just a touch bigger than my pinky [body wise], is that indicative of age at all? It’s also been brown since it was found, although it’s legs started to turn green before we transferred it into the tank and it got all freaked out. Anyways, it doesn’t have a beard thing which would make me think it’s a female, but since it’s so small, I’m wondering if it’s young and doesn’t have it yet or..? It’s name is George/ia [as the truck came to WA from GA]. =P

01/28/16  12:45pm


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  Message To: Riccil0ve   In reference to Message Id: 2316771

 New reptile owner - lighting help.

The anole is young but uvb bulbs do come in different watts you can get the reptisun 5.0 13-26W
The bulb is to high a 50-60W should be good depending on cage size. The anole needs a basking and uvb bulb, the basking doesn’t put out uvb just heat. Replace uvb bulbs every 6 months and you’ll need calcium with D3 dust and multivitamin supplements. I use infrared night lights for all my reptiles and their fine. Make sure branches/decors is at least 8 in away from uvb bulb

01/28/16  02:37pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2316773

 New reptile owner - lighting help.

I posted this response to another member, but I will mention it here-- you can find a "light tree" at most garage sales easily. It’s a simple lamp with three or more fixtures on it, and I use them to provide UVB and basking lights to my geckos and anoles. I have them hooked to a timer, so it turns on automatically. For calcium like Takahiro mentioned, you can get a glass jar and put some inside, then swish some crickets or roaches around in there to get them coated. I do that before turning them loose in the tank, and the white dusting makes it easier for the anoles to see their meal. In the case of my day gecko, she will lick the powder placed in her dish-- perhaps she instinctively knows she needs it for egg production or something! We hope your little guy is doing better soon!

01/29/16  01:44am

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