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 Recently caught a brown anole...

Hello all.

I work at a Lowes garden center in Indiana. A few days ago, I caught a little brown anole who, at first, looked like he was about to die. He was extremely lethargic and didn’t make an effort to run. The weather up here has gotten pretty cold (mid 40’s-50’s) so I figured he just got cold. Since my shift wasn’t over, I put him in a small box with some straw and put him next to a heater. He perked up right away. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty certain Anoles don’t normally live this far north.

I’ve since taken him home. I only had a 2.5 gallon terrarium available, so I’ve set it up with a couple house plants, some twigs, coconut fiber bedding, a little half log, and a bean-shaped water dish. I’m still saving up for a UVB lamp (should have it soon, for now I set his terrarium by the window for a little, but obviously not sufficient, natural light). He has a little heat lamp that’s small enough to provide a basking spot, but not heat the entire terrarium so he can thermoregulate. I kerp it on 10-12 hours a day. The basking spot gets to about 84 (I know, not the best), while the rest of the terrarium is about 77. Night temperatures range from 65-70.

I plan to upgrade him to a larger terrarium but for now that’s all I have. He’s still a juvenille (a little under 3 inches long head to tailtip) so, while I know it’s not optimal, I figured I could get away with the smaller terrarium for the time being. Working at Lowes, I think I can build on his current terrarium, vertically, to provide him more climbing space (since anoles are aboreal).

I mist his terrarium twice a day and change his water dish daily. So far I’ve only released a couple small crickets (dusted with a supplement) and a moth I caught into his terrarium. One cricket has gone MIA so I think he’s eaten it. I think he’s still a little stressed over the sudden change of environment so I don’t expect him to start eating right away.

Other than that, he’s been thriving. I know it’s a little cramped for him right now, but he seems content enough. I think the most importent next step will be to get him a UVB lamp, then expand his terrarium until I can get a hold on a bigger one.

Any advice for a first time anole keeper is much appreciated! (and sorry for any typos, I’m on mobile)

10/17/15  10:53am


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  Message To: Collaredcrow   In reference to Message Id: 2315268

 Recently caught a brown anole...

Seems to me you have the majority of it down. I have never kept anoles permanantly, only the few my dog gets to, I then keep those in temporary rehab. Like I said, I have never owned any so I don’t want to give any false information, but just look on Google for green anole care sheets if you need help. Thanks for rescuing the little guy! (I’m probably super late, I know)

08/18/16  04:02pm

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