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 Injured Green Anole- Please help!

Okay, so I’ve got an extremely injured Anole. I think she’s a girl... but not 100% positive. I’m pretty sure she was attacked by a cat.
Her tail finally fell off this morning (it was brown and broken), and is just a little stump at this point.
All of her knees and elbows are slightly skinned.
Her back right leg is either paralyzed or just totally dead.
She has got an absolutely massive wound on her back, but it’s black and looks like it might just have scraped the scales off- no blood.
She is raw and bloody between her hind legs and the base of her tail.
She gave up even trying to use her other hind leg and just drags them both, though she can bend it and use it when necessary.
She refuses to chase insects, or even eat dead insects. She ate a tiny bit of orange yesterday. She drinks well enough, I think.
She has dark spots behind her eyes, and I’m hoping she’s just stressed and not ill.
She is usually green, but sometimes turns brown- not sure whether this has to do with anything at all though.
I am in the process of purchasing a terrarium and UVB/ basking light if she survives. I know she could never be released into the wild because she is permanently disabled. I’ve had her for less than 24 hours.
She’s fairly active for such a hurt lizard, but she might unusually likes being on me, as whenever I put my hand in her current enclosure to feed or water her, she hops onto my fingers and sleeps. I’m thinking she likes the body heat. There is, however, a heating pad underneath about 1/4 of the enclosure. There is a cool area as well.
I know it’s not a great setup but it’s the best I could do. I would appreciate any help on how to treat her wounds, how to get her to eat, and how to better set up her tank (there are plants and whatnot for her to hide in but she seems happier sitting out in the open...)
My mom isn’t keen about the idea of taking a lizard to the vet, so that unfortunately is not an option- so please don’t just say ’take it to the vet’. Also, don’t just tell me she’s going to die! I know the chances of her survival are beyond low and I don’t need you telling me too!
I can post photos if need be.
I apologize this is so terribly long, but I would really appreciate any help! I don’t know much about Anoles, and though I’ve been doing lots of research, direct answers would be wonderful! Thanks you!!!

12/01/12  09:55am


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  Message To: Nanigator   In reference to Message Id: 2286807

 Injured Green Anole- Please help!

She has a chance. i have chicksns, and i saved am anole’s life. its back was nearly broken, and its leg was torn of (bone, and muscle too) and still save it. I am planning to keep it.
I hand feed my anole by gently " pinching" or touchingly e mouth so it opens then I drop the food in.
I have a 3 legged anole, who only eats when her "boyfriend" (aka bahaman anole male) with her.
If u have any questions, plz respond it message me.
Hope I helped.

03/02/13  06:13pm


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  Message To: Schreechies   In reference to Message Id: 2293046

 Injured Green Anole- Please help!

Any advice for a badly bruised anole? No open wounds. Water? Calcium dusted crickets? Heat pad, no heat pad? I’m asking for a doctor friend who wants to cool it down as that is what is done with endothermic humans. So, what about an ectothermic reptile???


03/09/16  09:27am


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  Message To: Nanigator   In reference to Message Id: 2286807

 Injured Green Anole- Please help!

The survival chance for this lizard should be fairly high. The back wound does sound like scraped off scales, so there’s likely nothing to worry about for that area. Just make sure she doesn’t have anything above her that could scrape the area- until it heals, the skin will be thin and more prone to tearing. As far as the tail goes, sterilize the bloody areas, but keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide and alcohol burn... Perhaps vinegar (plain, not apple cider) would work? Apply a very small amount of Neosporin or similar item to the tail afterward. This should improve the healing process. (I once found a wild brown anole with almost all of his tail missing, but it grew back quite long after this treatment.) Just be careful not to get anything in the lizard’s vent.
The color green is a good sign, though the black spots are highly indicative of stress or illness. At this point, it’s most likely stress, since illness likely would have taken longer to set in. Since she can’t move 1-both of her back legs, sticks or other objects for climbing probably should not be used unless they are at least as thick around as her body (for a better grip) and placed at a shallow angle (easier to climb).
Keep the lizard in a sterile environment until she heals, and until then, there’s not much else you can/should do. Just make sure it’s warm enough, and follow the feeding technique described by Schreechies above if she continues to reject food.

03/09/16  04:40pm

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