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 Having more problems with my green anole, could use a little help

so everything was going fine until about a month ago with all my reptiles, when out of nowhere my green anole (which out of all my reptiles has given me more problems than any other) has turned from a greenish brown back to that horrible dark brown with the stress marks behind it’s eyes. and is not eating much at all has become VERY skinny (i now can see his ribs and has hip bones which before were not visible) and the best part? nothing inside or outside his tank has changed! it’s kept clean (spot cleaned once per day, fully cleaned top to bottom once a month) misted twice a day, he was being fed 2 crickets every day, calcium once a week, multivitamins twice a week. shows no signs of illness, (still poops, less often and smaller though due to the decrees of food intake) no signs of mouth rot or anything. i have read literally a dozen books on anole care (the 2 most recent ones i can remember is: a complete pet owner’s Manuel to anoles, basilisks and water dragons. and lizard care from A to Z)
also a couple of caresheets on this site. and from what i can see i should have everything down to the last ’T’
has a 20gal tall setup with a 60w uva and a 5.0 uvb bulb, the temps are good, so is the humidity. climbing branches (baked for safety) PLENTY of fake hiding plants ( washed with hot water and mild soap)
3 crickets offered daily (i try to take them out after the first hour)
he will not eat any of the wax worms i try to offer.
just what could i be doing wrong!? it’s driving me insane.

05/30/12  05:40pm


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  Message To: WhenAllFails   In reference to Message Id: 2268196

 Having more problems with my green anole, could use a little help

Hey there!

First off, how long have you had him? Does he climb to his basking spot still? Where is he located in the house and does he have any tankmates? What are your temps, exactly?

If he’s alone, I think that might be the biggest problem. Males get frustrated, sexually and otherwise, and I find having 2-3 females in the enclosure makes a male feel secure and "accomplished" if you will, haha. He bobs more, mates, and keeps watch over his harem. It might be breeding season for your anole and he has no outlets.

However, you mentioned he’s given you trouble before? What kind of trouble? Has he been sick, and if so what has he been sick with?

  • Looking forward to hearing more! I hope things go better for you!


  • 06/02/12  05:48pm


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      Message To: DrDewlap   In reference to Message Id: 2268578

     Having more problems with my green anole, could use a little help

    he was having a problem with randomly stressing before when i had first got him 3 or so months ago.
    the solution to that problems was the tank he was in was to big and also i was mixing species
    (which i didn’t know was a big do not since i was new to anoles and was mislead by a pet shop worker)
    and lets see what else..
    yes, he goes to his basking spot (sits there for a bit then moves on with his day)
    no, he doesn’t have any tank mates.
    temps are 80f around the basking spot, 90f at the basking spot, and 75f at the cool side. humidity at 70%
    he is still active but not eating as much as what he normally did.
    i got him a 15 gal enclosure a couple days ago.. nothing changed.
    i don’t think i could care for another reptile at this point of time
    (already have a broad headed skink, a green and brown anole, and a surprise leopard gecko from my uncle as a gift)
    and crickets can get pretty pricey. (though if all goes well with this cricket breeding that won’t be a problem)
    will all this go away after their breeding season is over? or will it only make this problem worse?
    if i really *HAVE* to i probably could get a female green anole.
    the other problem is he can be pretty aggressive if you happen to be feeding him at the wrong time,
    just afraid he could injure and possibly kill a newcomer even if it was a female.
    and that’s basically all i got for now.

    06/03/12  09:16pm


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      Message To: WhenAllFails   In reference to Message Id: 2268699

     Having more problems with my green anole, could use a little help

    Hello hello!

    I’ve never heard of a tank being too big. Too small, yes, but too big? You just get tankmates if that happens. Otherwise, they adjust to their territory. Don’t mix species though, since they will cannibalize eachother- babies too!

    It’s good that he’s going to his basking spot. You might want to elevate the temperatures a bit in the basking area to 93-95 degrees, in case he’s not feeling well. Keep it at a steady 80 at night- the humidity is great! Do you mist the cage, and do you provide additional non-heat lighting ( those coil bulbs )? Reptiles can see in color, but only if it’s bright enough. If he doesn’t have enough of these lights, it may seem to him like he’s living in sunset all the time, which isn’t good psychologically.

    You could try with the female anole, but you’ll need to set up an eggbox, or have a privacy plant area she can retreat into to lay eggs. Do a lot of people walk by during the day, or do you have any other pets that may stare at the cats or a dog? I know cats really can rustle any lizard’s jimmies.

    Keep us updated! Two crickets is till pretty good per day, he may just be stressed with being in-season! It is Summer!

    06/11/12  07:32pm


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      Message To: DrDewlap   In reference to Message Id: 2269683

     Having more problems with my green anole, could use a little help

    i don’t have any cats/dogs, just small reptiles i own as a bit of a hobby. (so far my collection has in it: a broad headed skink, a green anole, a brown anole, a eastern fence lizard, a leopard gecko, and last but not least my ornate box turtle. and the green anole is the only one that has to give me trouble)
    and i do have a none heat light source (which is my florescent tube light which provides the UVB besides my heat bulb/UVA bulb)
    tank usually has to be misted lightly in the morning and just enough to get the fake plants wet in the afternoon (so he can get a bit to drink)
    and where the tanks are there is not a lot of traffic that goes through and it isn’t noisy.
    and yeah, i corrected the mixed species thing when i asked on my first post about him being stressed out for no reason. (a good example why you shouldn’t trust the advise from people that work at pet stores...)
    i will see what i can do about getting my green anole a female.

    06/11/12  11:57pm

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