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 Brown Anole (Anolis sagrei) and Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) Hybrid?

I’ve owned Anole lizards for nearly 10 years now and have bred them before and I once had an adult female anole that displayed strong characteristics of both green and brown Anoles, she was wild caught in florida in an area that had many of green and brown Anole lizards I caught her when she was about 2 inches long (tail and all) and she grew to be about 5-6 inches long and lived for just over 6 years she died about 4 years ago and I was never ever to successfully breed her with any other Anole lizard. Jumping to present day I have a male Brown Anole and a female Green Anole and the female layed what looked to be a fertile egg I took care of it until I had to take an emergency tip and unfortunately when I came back the egg was in very poor shape and in the end did not make it, Sense then the females egg have all been infetile and looking online it seems these lizards should not be able to successfully breed no one seems to have done it but still I’d like to know if anyone here has seen a hybrid of the two or has hatched one successfully.

I unfortunately do not have any pictures of the female hybrid I did not own a camera back then.

08/20/18  08:35pm

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