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Chorusfrog   Icearstorm  

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 She bobbed back....

It’s me again! So I got a new brown anole male and put him with my green anole female, and he started bobbing his head at her. No dewlap. Then she looked him square in the eye..... And bobbed back, flaring her miniature dewlap. Then HE stopped bobbing and she walked away...... Like a boss. What does this mean?????

01/03/16  02:33pm


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  Message To: Chorusfrog   In reference to Message Id: 2316382

 She bobbed back....

A flared dewlap or extended throat on a female generally means aggression, while a male anole bobbing the head without extending the dewlap seems to be courting a specific female. So in this case, the male was probably "flirting" with the female, but the female was like "I don’t like you, go away!" Evidently the female won this round. Anyway, if the male continues displaying or the female gets aggressive again, then separation may be preferred. Otherwise, they should be fine together.

02/21/16  07:24pm

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