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Schreechies   Rexxaroo  

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 I’ve succeeded in breeding my anoles!!! (A few questions also)

Well, I caught my bahaman anoles mating and I am now waiting for my first egg!
The funny thing is.., I’ve got 2 bahaman females, and now they’re both pregnant and I can’t tell which ones which without picking them up..
Ok, so first question:
• my substrate in my terrarium is currently Repti carpet, and I now have to put in some Eco earth for them to lay eggs in. How do I know when they’re laying?
•next question! What temp can I incubate the eggs in? Will room temp work or do they need 24/7 heat like my anoles?
•which is best to incubate the anole eggs in? A small cricket keeper or the soil in the terrarium? I don’t want the crixs to get ’em.
THANK U 2 ALL WHO RESPOND! I’m gonna be a Bahaman Anole Mommy! (Lol)

06/11/13  10:26pm


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  Message To: Schreechies   In reference to Message Id: 2298405

 I’ve succeeded in breeding my anoles!!! (A few questions also)

Screechies, you keep asking the same questions, and we have given you answers in all the same posts.
Please go back and read the caresheets, and please take advice when it has been given to you.
Have you moved the anoles to their designated enclosures, and have them in PROPER tank sizes?
This is so important.
After your LTGL died, I thought maybe it would help you realize the error of your husbandry.
We really want to help, I am not trying to flame, just want your animals to live healthily, not just survive in less than decent conditions.
Good luck.


06/12/13  11:03pm

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