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 New Hatch ling!

Our Anoles have laid 15 eggs! The first one hatched today! I don’t know if the others will hatch or not, but at least two appear to have lizards in them. Now, can anyone tell me how to keep the babies alive? I am trying to feed it wingless fruit flies and very tiny crickets. Anything else I should do?

05/30/13  10:10pm


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  Message To: NashCilla   In reference to Message Id: 2297964

 New Hatch ling!

Mist it daily, make sure it has a shallow water dish and a separate container that can hold AT LEAST 1 or 2 gallons of water. Do NOT feed it crickets, mealworms, or waxworms yet for it can choke and die because of the size. Until it’s older, only feed it flightless fruit flies.

06/11/13  04:26pm


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  Message To: Schreechies   In reference to Message Id: 2298384

 New Hatch ling!

Be sure that they are separate from the mature adult anoles, for they might eat them. I’m using one beta fish tank thing for my first hatchling that’s due soon... I hope

06/11/13  04:27pm


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  Message To: Schreechies   In reference to Message Id: 2298385

 New Hatch ling!

It is perfectly safe to keep the 15 hatchlings in a 10-15 gallon enclosure for a month or so.
I would not recommend using anything as small as what Screechies said, as it is Impossible to keep temps properly stabilized in an enclosure that size, let alone proper uvb distribution.
Be sure there is proper uvb and heat.
pinheads are actually perfectly fine, as long as the food given is no bigger than the space between its eyes.

A VERY shallow water dish should be provided. Im talking, like, not even an inch deep, they will easily drown, they are not good swimmers at all. I would even place a rock in the middle of the dish.
Keep your humidity levels at stable parameters, and mist as needed with room temp water.

Feed at least twice daily, if not more, as they will eat quite a bit when they are itty bitty like that :)
Good luck with your little ones!


06/12/13  11:13pm

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