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Dragons flame   Schreechies  

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Dragons flame
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 Can you answer my ?’s please

hi. i would like to get a female companion for my male anole. Before i do that i want to know what I’m getting into. If they mate and have eggs am i supposed to do anything or let them handle it?

11/13/12  09:01pm


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  Message To: Dragons flame   In reference to Message Id: 2285336

 Can you answer my ?’s please

Ok, they won’t breed for another month, until spring fully starts, unless you have the special lights, which then it is possible for them to breed.
I’d suggest that if you really want to make the male "happy" get him at least one more female.
If they have eggs, or the female buries herself, let Her. Then put in a cage divider and put the grown ups on one side only because the parents won’t care for the babies at all, and will eat them because they’re small.

03/08/13  05:30pm

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