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About week and a half ago, my friend came over with her male green anole in a separate tank. When I saw her tank, I tole her that we needed to scrub it out because it was filled with dead crickets and feces. So we put her male in my 10 gal tank for aboout 30min, so we could clean her tank out. After it was done and we raplaced all the plants/soil, etc. we put him back into his tank. But I found an egg in the tank this morning!! I don’t know what to do at all, and I was thinking of getting another female anole.. What do I do??

09/04/12  12:36pm


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Make sure the egg is fertile if it is then get a incubator. If this was her first time laying it will likely be infertile. Just so you know there will be more to come.

09/04/12  07:13pm


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  Message To: Snowythegecko   In reference to Message Id: 2278999


have you told your parents?

02/23/13  10:30am

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