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 Cuban/Brown Anoles Mating @ 7 months (yes I’m sure)

Ok so my male anole (7 months Jan 3) was mating with my female (possibly his sister; 7 months Jan 19). I have a few questions. First off are they even mature?! If so, seeing as the female is probably his sister will that affect the babies like it does in mammals? Secondly, if she does lay eggs can I leave them in the cage (I use T-Rex brand Jungle Floor)? Or do I need to get them a separate substrate? If I find eggs should I move them to a small container who a lid with holes and leave that in the tank (currently since it’s winter and I use a 75 watt heat bulb the hot side of the tank never drops below 70 at night and stays around 75-80 during the day)? Lastly, can I handle the female for cleaning purposes while she is gravid?

01/04/12  10:11am

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