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Jon whittington   Takahiro111  

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Jon whittington
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 Andaconda digesting food

Hi Guys!!

I have a question for you guys and I need what ever help I can get.How long does it take an Andaconda to digest their food compared to a Motley Boa Constrictor.

07/05/14  06:27am


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  Message To: Jon whittington   In reference to Message Id: 2306739

 Andaconda digesting food

Depending on prey size it can take days to weeks. If a anaconda in the wild was to eat something big like a deer it wouldn’t eat something else for weeks. When I fed my burm and boa rabbits(frozen thawed only) it’ll take my boa atleast a week and my burm a little longer to digest.

07/05/14  10:40am

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